Our Teachers

At Chatmore we have a team of highly experienced staff who are focused on ensuring all children learn in a calm and purposeful atmosphere where their individual needs can be met and challenged. Our staff are dedicated to fostering a love of learning and have a commitment to developing knowledge, skills and understanding across all areas of their academic and personal learning.

We truly understand that every child is unique and brings with them their own strengths and areas to grow. Our staff are dedicated to ensuring that children can grow and learn in a way and at a pace that is right for them. Many of the staff at Chatmore are Masters level, qualified practitioners who are deeply committed to 'knowing their craft' and with that participate in ongoing regular professional learning.

One thing that all of our staff have in common is an understanding that when learning is fun and children are engaged - learning is memorable. We are very proud of the relaxed yet challenging environment that our dedicated team of professionals provide.

Our Board

As an International School committed to excellence in standards, we are supported by an International Advisory Board (IAB) consisting of eight highly qualified and diverse members. Our IAB provides our Director and Senior Leaders with guidance ensuring Chatmore remains true to its vision and learners are at the heart of decision making at all levels.

9 St Marks Road, Smiths, Bermuda, FL06 | admissions@chatmore.org | +1 (441) 236-3339